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Return to the gym

After another rest period of a few months, I returned to the gym yesterday to find that there had been a complete refurbishment. Most of the equipment was new and they are now also offering a number of classes that had not been offered at all previously.

I started with the last workout I had done and surprisingly managed without any problems. There are no signs of any aches or pains today either which is great news but might mean that I will get double tomorrow!

To ensure that I can stick to a proper routine, I have arranged to have a personal training session in which I will be given a tailored workout designed to help me achieve my goals. The goals need to be finalised but I am thinking about weight loss and toning. I am hoping that having a plan in place and the need to complete a program, there will be less chance of me drifting out of the habit of going that I build up each time.

I may try some other classes to diversify my exercise and provide some variations to the routine. As soon as my program has been developed, I’ll be in a better position to know what I need to do and how often I should be doing it. I’ll be sure to report back!