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This time – maybe!

My big fruity plans to dive into fitness training again have been slightly diluted – back to water in fact – by my inability to actually do something. This is not to say that I go home and watch TV all evening after work. In fact, quite the opposite, I have been really busy with travel, home improvements and other commitments that fight for my attention. To be honest though, I cannot figure out why I find it so difficult to take 30 minutes and go for a run or a bike ride.

With some time off work next week, I am planning to try and get out running or cycling. This is in addition to continuing the “100 Push up challenge“. I found some great ideas and buckets of inspiration on this post at Zen Habits. It provides a lot of detail and is well worth reading. With any luck, just a few outings will help me build the activity time into my schedule. Of course, I may be busy and forget!