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Wales Alcohol

10-02-2010 | Categories: — by Phrixus

This is massively late, I had plans to write a great long post to go with it and I forgot. So let me get down to business and let you know what we managed to drink whilst we were staying at the Abercrave Inn in Wales… last year!

We drank;

  • 3 pints of Directors
  • 6 pints of Rev James
  • 18 pints of Brains SA
  • 4 pints of Guinness
  • 8 pints of Pepsi
  • 2 pints of Magners

Not bad for 3 days, 42 pints of juice!

New BMW M3 – Cool film

07-01-2010 | Categories: — by Phrixus

This is a really cool film of the V8 BMW M3. Seriously good work from the makers!

BMW See how it feels

24-04-2009 | Categories: — by Phrixus

This is one of the best BMW adverts I have seen.

Dice Silverline iPod Integration

10-04-2009 | Categories: — by Phrixus

To see the full article with photos, click here.

Full service = new car?

31-03-2009 | Categories: — by Phrixus

Mystic Dave the technology director oversaw the full service of Shane’s car. It was sounding ‘in need’ so in addition the oil filter and oil, the plugs were replaced with uprated NGK Platinum items. The air filter and micro filter were replaced. Finally the fuel filter was replaced. The latter due to potential bits that may have entered the fuel system from the bodyshop work completed earlier in the year.

It’s like a new car now. Exhaust and engine sound smooth as anything compared to before. In future, oil change every 6 months is on the cards!!

Smooth and shiny!

DICE Silverline iPod Kit

09-03-2009 | Categories: — by Phrixus

We have added an article about installing the DICE Electronics iPod integration kit. This took us about a day to complete because of where we wanted the iPod. The result is quite effective and I am very pleased that I finally got round to buying it! We have photos and a short video! Check out the main article here, or the photos here.

If you are interested in this kit, you can find and buy the kits from the following online store. They had quick delivery with no problems at all!

The making of an E46

08-03-2009 | Categories: — by Phrixus

Depending on how good your German is, this old video might not make any sense to you (I certainly don’t understand a word!). The video shows how BMW create an E46 from start to finish. The manufacturing process is amazing to watch! You can always click through it a bit!

Data analysis: Le Mans 2008

24-02-2009 | Categories: — by Phrixus

Before the next track day arrives I thought it would be wise to provide a very quick and dirty analysis of the data I collected on the Performance box. For those of you that may have seen some content here, things have changed, you will find the overview as it stands now in the ‘Track & Travel’ articles… here!

We have not managed to get all the data in yet. Grant has found his files and so we will aim to put more info in soon!

Le Mans Bugatti Circuit 2008

Installing Eibach anti-roll bars

06-12-2008 | Categories: — by Phrixus

Short video with some nifty timelapse sequences when Mystic Dave, the engineering director, and Shane installed the new anti-roll bars.

Blast from the past

05-11-2008 | Categories: — by Phrixus

Here is a shot from 2004 with Aidy on his GSX-R and Dave on his Ducati! Remember the photos at the reservoir boys?

Learners update

27-10-2008 | Categories: — by Phrixus

After 11 months I finally took my test and am pleased to report that I passed! A week earlier, Leigh also passed his test meaning that 3 out of 4 ridearound.netians are ready to ride! Dave will soon be joining us on the roads but he will be wearing the red L jackets for a while!

More details on all this to follow!

Roadtrip One

06-10-2008 | Categories: — by Phrixus

With winter looming, the Ridearound team are starting to do some armchair planning. Early next year, we will take to the roads for the first team adventure. This is going to cover the planning!

Return to the gym

01-10-2008 | Categories: — by Phrixus

After another rest period of a few months, I returned to the gym yesterday to find that there had been a complete refurbishment. Most of the equipment was new and they are now also offering a number of classes that had not been offered at all previously.

I started with the last workout I had done and surprisingly managed without any problems. There are no signs of any aches or pains today either which is great news but might mean that I will get double tomorrow!

To ensure that I can stick to a proper routine, I have arranged to have a personal training session in which I will be given a tailored workout designed to help me achieve my goals. The goals need to be finalised but I am thinking about weight loss and toning. I am hoping that having a plan in place and the need to complete a program, there will be less chance of me drifting out of the habit of going that I build up each time.

I may try some other classes to diversify my exercise and provide some variations to the routine. As soon as my program has been developed, I’ll be in a better position to know what I need to do and how often I should be doing it. I’ll be sure to report back!


03-09-2008 | Categories: — by Phrixus

I have had the new Neal Stephenson novel, Anathem on pre-order for some time now and I was quite looking forward to getting my hands on it. Browsing through my reader today I came across this superb video on MySpace that has been created by Brady Hall. It has been really well made and does a great job of getting the intrigue fired up a little more! Only a few weeks till the book is launched which is good news.

Le Mans update

17-08-2008 | Categories: — by Phrixus

It has been a couple of weeks since the track day at Le Mans and it is time for a quick update. As usual we had a great day and a great party afterwards. The weather was interesting as it started out with lots of rain and then ended up bright and grippy! Interestingly, whilst it was grippy, I managed to spin off the track and ding my car. The only other problem we encountered was some minor slippage from Grant’s clutch. There are some photos to check out right now- here on M3HQ we have all the M3 pictures – and if you are interested in all the other cars that went, head over to the Le Mans 2008 gallery at Encaptured.com. I can tell you that there is a lot of information coming your way such as:-

  • A couple of videos that are being worked on. (Just waiting for some new software!).
  • Details of the repairs being done on Shane’s M3.
  • Statistics from the ‘Performance Box’ logging device.